This help article quickly runs through some basic ServiceM8 concepts covering:

  • Where do I find jobs that are scheduled to me?
  • Where do I find jobs that are not scheduled?
  • What are jobs?
  • Where do I create jobs?
  • What are job statuses?
  • What is a basic work-flow in ServiceM8?
  • What are job actions?
  • What should I do next?

Where do I find jobs that are scheduled to me?

My schedule shows all jobs that are scheduled to you in the future. Jobs will disappear from your schedule at midnight on the day they were scheduled.

Where do I find jobs that are not scheduled to me?

Use job filters to locate jobs that you have created but have not scheduled.

Job Filters

  • All Jobs - Shows all jobs whether they are completed or not.
  • Completed Jobs - All jobs with 'Completed' status
  • In Progress Jobs - All jobs with 'Work Order' status
  • Unscheduled Jobs - Shows all Quote & Work Order jobs that are not currently scheduled to a staff member.

What are Jobs?

A job in ServiceM8 is where everything surrounding work that you are doing for a client is stored. Information like:

  • Client contact details
  • Job location
  • Job description
  • Work that has been done on site
  • Labour and materials used
  • History of client communication.
  • and more.

Where do I create jobs?

When you have a job to complete for a client, this is the first place to start. Create a job with the client details and what the client requires you to do.

What are job statuses?

There are 4 status of a job in ServiceM8. They keep track of what stage a job is at.

  • Quote - Job has not been approved and either needs to have a quote built or is awaiting for the quote to be approved.
  • Work Order - You have received the go ahead from the client for work to be started. The job will remain a work order until all physical work is complete.
  • Completed - All work on the job has been completed and the job is ready to be invoiced.
  • Unsuccessful - Either the quote has not gone ahead or the job has been canceled.

Job status affect where the job is visible in the app. For instance, jobs will only appear inside invoicing once the job status has been set to complete.

What is a basic work-flow in ServiceM8?

In ServiceM8, You create quotes and invoices against a job. A typical work-flow of a job would be.

  1. You create the job as job status 'Quote'.
  2. Issue a quote to the client.
  3. Quote is approved and job is scheduled.
  4. You change the job status to 'Work order'.
  5. Work is completed.
  6. You change the status to completed and issue an invoice to the client.
  7. The invoice is now available in invoicing for payment to be tracked.
  8. Finally the invoice is paid and the job is automatically archived for future reference.

The above is just an example. ServiceM8 is very flexible allowing you to work the way that works best for your business or industry.

What are job actions?

Job actions are how many different functions are achieved on a job. For instance:

  • Create Quotes, Invoices or Work Orders
  • Take Photos
  • Send the client an SMS or Email
  • Schedule the job
  • or capture a signature.

Where are quotes and invoices stored after they are created?

When you produce quotes or invoices in ServiceM8 they will be stored in the diary forever, once in the diary they will be available to attach to emails to send to the client.

What should I do next?

Try creating a dummy job for a customer and create an invoice for that customer. Check out the other help articles if you get stuck.