Head into Back Office > Menu > Products

Now tap on The Blue Add Product Button to the left of the screen.

You will see a panel slide out, from here you can quickly add the basic information for the product.

The name is required

Category is optional - note that if you don't enter a category it won't show on the POS

The price is INCLUSIVE of tax

Advanced Settings for Products

Once a product has been created you can edit the more advanced properties by going PRODUCTS > EDIT in back office.

Once open you will see several tabs along the top of the Page

- Product Info
- Modifiers
- Accounting
- Inventory (If you cannot see Inventory you can enable it via Sites - Add Ons - Inventory)



Product Number
Currently unused this can be left blank and is used for integrations such as E-Commerce.

Product Name
This is the description that you see on your item tiles on the Sales Screen, it is also what will show on the customer's receipt. Your staff can search for this description using the advanced search feature in Lightspeed. 

Used in conjunction with a barcode scanner or the search function. This must be unique if using a barcode scanner, otherwise you can manually type the barcode into Lightspeed's Search function

Full description of the product. This function will be utilised in the future, allowing users direct access to additional information whenever they need it.

A feature that assists your search function, In Retail for example you can use keywords such as the colour, or season of an item. You can tag an item as many times as you want, simply separate each tag with a space when typing. Tags are used to search on POS, filter reports and filter stocktakes.


Sell Price
A company wide sale price, is Tax Inclusive and can be overridden from within Lightspeed using Site level price settings.

Sell Tax
The specific Tax Code that is applicable to Selling this product. By default you can enter either GST or FRE. 

Cost Price
A company wide cost price, is Tax Inclusive and can be overwritten by your purchasing history.

Buy Tax
The specific Tax Code that is applicable to Buying this product. By default you can enter either GST or FRE. 


This is a Modifier
This is used for products that are sold in conjunction with other items and may not necessarily have a value or stock associated with them and CANNOT be sold on their own.

Print Production Docket
Used primarily for Hospitality, this field is used to denote wether an item will be required to print a production docket automatically when sold. This makes the item available to add to a Docket Printer under the Sites -> Site Printers tab.


This option is only used where there is more than one store currently using Lightspeed. Simply check the box of the relevant stores that you wish the item to be available to.

This is the various menu categories you have available for your items. Select the relevent categories you wish the item to appear in
You are creating a new cocktail to be made available for dinner as a special. You can select both the 'cocktail' and 'special' boxes to have your new item appear in both.



Learn more about modifiers here



Use this page to determine where you will send relevant totals to your integrated Accounts platform.

If you wish to disable a product so it cannot be SOLD then you need to turn off the I SELL THIS switch.

If you wish to disable a product so it cannot be PURCHASED then you need to turn off the I BUY THIS switch.

If you wish to disabled a product so it isn't included in your STOCK REPORTING then you need to turn off the I INVENTORY THIS switch.


From here you can determine wether an item is purchased and in what ways or made here and what you make it from