Please connect your printer directly to your computer using the ethernet cable, also connect the printer to power.


Turn the printer on and then press and hold the small pin hole button at the back of the printer for 10 seconds. A status sheet should print out notifying that the printer is resetting to factory default. Do not turn off the printer until the reset has finished.


Next, press and hold the small pin hole button at the back of the printer for 3 seconds.

The printer will print a Status Sheet with the IP Address and settings on it. The IP Address that prints out should be like the example attached.


To configure your printer with an IP address that is compatible with your network, we will need to make a temporary change to your computer's network setting. 

Go to the Wifi/Networking Icon on your Mac in the top right.

Select Open Network Preferences

Select Ethernet or Thunderbolt Ethernet from the list of connections on the left

From this screen we will now edit these settings to place your computer on the same network range as your printer, we do this so that we are able to connect to it and change the DHCP setting.

Change the fields as follows:

Configure IPv4: Manually
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

**Once you complete this guide, change the Configure IPv4 setting back to  'Using DHCP' to restore your original settings.

Click Apply

Next launch the Google Chrome or Safari browser

Navigate to This will open the printer configuration page.

Under the configuration menu, select TCP/IP

Change Get IP Address  to Manual

Enter in IP Address 

Select Submit

You will see a message on your screen confirming your changes, and click 'Reset'. Your printer will reboot. After 10 seconds you can turn off and disconnect the printer.

Plug your printer back into the modem/router instead of into your computer.