Placing an Order on Lay-By

  1. Start an ORDER

  2. Select CUSTOMER button at top of the receipt panel

  3. Search for the CUSTOMER or ADD NEW CUSTOMER and enter in all the relevant customer information. You can search for a customer using tags, number, name or email, then select the customer from the list of available customers. Press SAVE to assign the customer to the sale.

  4. Add PRODUCTS to the order.

  5. OPTIONAL - If you need to apply a discount click on the order TOTAL at the bottom of the receipt panel

  6. Select Checkout > Lay-Bys.

  7. This will now save the Lay-By under the customers name.

The Lay-By will be saved under the Customers History and can reviewed via the LAY-BY tab in ORDERS or under a customers UNPAID ORDERS via the customer button on the POS. Lay-Bys are highlighted with a darker grey outline to distinguish them from other orders.

Once an order has been placed on Lay-By, users will only be able to review and finalise the transaction.

Finalising a Lay-By

- Retrieve the sale via the LAY-BY tab in ORDERS.

- Select CHECK OUT and apply the FULL PAYMENT or to apply a PART PAYMENT, click on PAYMENT OPTIONS and click on SPLIT PAYMENT based on the amount to be paid.