The Commbank Albert can be used as an integrated EFTPOS device for Kounta in two different methods:

  1. Kounta to Albert: You can trigger payments from other devices using the Kounta App, to the Albert terminal.

  2. Kounta on Albert: You can process transactions and take integrated payments on the Albert itself.. Continue along for setup steps. 

In this configuration you would have Kounta running on the Commbank Albert and would be triggering payment from the Kounta App on Commbank Albert.

Kounta running on Albert provides a world first, complete point of sale experience that allows you to effortlessly run your store and securely process payments on the same device. No cables, no fuss, just a beautiful experience for you and your customers.

Get to know your Commbank Albert

What you will need:

-A Kounta or MYOB Kounta Account. Get your free LITE account here.
*Please note that the Commbank Albert is a fully featured Kounta register device, it will take up a device slot on your Kounta plan.

-An activated Commbank Albert from Commonwealth Bank with a 3G connection.

-You may require a MerchantID and a password from Commonwealth Bank. If you don't have one, please contact Commonwealth Bank on 1800 230 177


-WiFi with or without internet access (required for Tax Invoice/Production Printing)

-Epson Intelligent Printer (Example TM-T82ii-i or TM-T88V-i).

-Epson non-intelligent printers (Example TM-T20, TM-T82ii etc).
*Note, these printers must be used in conjunction with an Epson Intelligent Printer. They will not work with Albert stand-alone.

-Cash Drawer.


-Albert requires an internet connection to process secure card transactions, this can be delivered by 3G or via WiFi. 

-Kounta requires a WiFi LAN (Local Area Network) to interact with Printers and the Cash Drawer

Step 1

Download Kounta on Albert.

This is done from the App Bank. Search 'Kounta POS'.

Step 2

Enable the Kounta on Albert integration,

This will enable the payment type which allows seamless integration at checkout to take payments directly on Albert.

From Kounta Back Office, go to the Add-On Page.

Select CBA Albert then Enable CBA Albert.


Step 3

Create a Kounta register for your Albert to load.

  • Open the Kounta app and Log in
  • Select MySite > Devices > Registers > Create a New Register.
  • Give your register a name

Once this is done you can select the POS icon  in the top right-hand corner and select your newly created register, this will load your Kounta site on Albert.

If you wish to load an existing Kounta register on Albert:

  • Open the Kounta app and Log in
  • Select MySite > Device > Registers > Select your existing register
  • Select Recycle Device

Once this is done you can select the POS icon  in the top right-hand corner and select your existing register name from the next prompt.

Printing & Cash Drawer

Receipt printing and cash drawer capabilities are achieved by connecting the Albert with an Epson intelligent printer such as the TM-T82ii-i.

This solution requires a WiFi internet connection.

The cash drawer connects to the Epson intelligent printer, the Albert can then kick the drawer via the intelligent printer.