This video explores:
- who should use Intelligent print server printing
- how intelligent print server printing works
- how to set up the intelligent printer server and additional printers
- how to add these settings to Kounta back office.

The Enable DHCP guide can be found at:

The Google Chrome security settings guide can be found at:

Confirm you have an Epson Intelligent Printer

Kounta can be used with a range of printers. The Epson Intelligent Printer range allows browsers to communicate directly with your printer. It can also delegate print jobs to a range of normal (non-intelligent) Epson ethernet printers.

Before continuing, confirm the printer you are setting up is an Epson Intelligent Printer.

Kounta Compatible Epson Intelligent Printers

  • Epson TM-T88Vi Intelligent Cloud Printer
  • Epson TM-T82-i Intelligent Cloud Printer
  • Epson TM-T70-i Intelligent Cloud Printer

If the rear of printer looks similar to this

If your device is a non-intelligent model you should follow this guide.

Continue with the steps to get an IP Address

  1. Ensure the printer has been loaded with paper, power is connected and the printer is connected via an ethernet cable to your router.

  2. Once powered on the printer should automatically print a small docket DHCP client start. Please wait until IP address is printed.

  3. If the docket prints Succeeded to get an IP address. The printer will print it's IP Address and direct you to set a static or manual IP Address so it doesn't change.

    If the docket prints Failed to get an IP address, this means that the printer is not receiving an IP Address from your router. Ensure the printer is connected correctly to your router via the LAN ports and ensure the cables are in working order.