Kounta app is not fully loading or is showing a white screen


Please try performing a repair of the Kounta app 

To do this, with the Kounta app open do the following:

  • Tap the screen with 3 fingers
  • Select Repair
  • Log back into Kounta
  • Go to MySite (left)
  • Select Devices (top)
  • Find the existing Register you were using, select it.
  • Select Recycle Device
  • Click Go To POS (top right)
  • Select the appropriate register from the register selection screen (Should be highlighted in blue).

The POS will download a fresh copy of your site from our cloud servers.


Albert is not communicating with my other registers or printers


There are two things to check here.

Ensure that your Commbank Albert is connected to the correct WiFi network.

The Commbank Albert requires connection to your local area network via WiFi to communicate with your Printers & Cash Drawer. The network must be the same one your Printers are physically connected to.

  • On Albert, Tap the home button (on the back right of the unit)
  • Tap “Settings” then go to “Albert Options” and enter your password.
  • Tap 'Communications' then 'WiFi'.
  • To turn WiFi on, slide the tab on the Status Bar from Off to On. Choose your WiFi network from the list. You can also Add network or Scan for a network using the tab on the Status Bar. To turn WiFi off, slide the tab on the Status Bar from On to Off

Assuming that WiFi is set up and working correctly, please ensure your site is using Epson Intelligent Printing and that his method is configured for your Albert Register in Kounta.

(Note: If you have any other registers, they would *all* not be working if this was the issue)

In Back Office:

  • Select ‘MySite’ and then select ‘Printers’ on the top menu and ensure that Production Printing Method is set to use Intelligent Print Server. If it is not, and you are using an Intelligent Printer, you will need to have this setup. Please refer to this guide.

    Note: If this is the first time you are setting up printers on your Albert, please ensure your printers are compatible.

Then, ensure that your Albert register is using Intelligent Printing for receipts

In Back Office:

  • Select ‘MySite’ then select ‘Devices’ on the top menu and choose your Albert register.
  • Once inside the settings for your Albert register, select ‘Printers’ and ensure that it is using the Intelligent Printer method, also ensure the Server URL for your Intelligent Printer is the IP address of your main Intelligent Printer (Not sure what it should be? Check here.)



How do I perform reconciliation takings with Albert?


The Albert will automatically provide your end of day takings during your end of day process, you do not need to enter any details for Albert takings. Albert takings do NOT need to be entered in the EFTPOS payments section of the reconciliation report as long as you are using the yellow and black logo when checking sales out.

For a general guide on end of day reconciliation, please see the guide here.


There appears to be an issue with the Albert device or Commbank Software


For help with Albert, App bank and CBA Apps please contact the CBA Commbank Albert team:

1800 230 177
24 hours a day, 7 days a week



Kounta On Albert

For more information on setting up “Kounta On Albert” please see the Kounta On Albert guide here


When Checking-Out, The Commbank payment screen is not automatically popping up to allow integrated payments


You will need to enable (or perhaps re-enable) the Kounta On Albert integration.

This will enable the payment type which allows seamless integration at checkout to take payments directly on Albert.



Kounta To Albert

For information on setting up Kounta To Albert please see this guide.

Kounta To Albert payment pushing is either delayed or not working at all


There are a few things to consider here. When using “Kounta To Albert” the payment is processed through Commonwealth Bank’s servers.

Typically when there is a delay here, it is either from a slow internet connection or an issue with Commonwealth Bank’s payment gateway.


  • If you are on WiFi, try turning WiFi off if your unit can use the Telstra 3G connection, particularly if your Albert is far away from your main router. On Albert, tap “Home” which is the button on the rear right-hand side of the device go to “Settings” then under Albert Options enter your password then go to 'Communications' then 'WiFi'. To turn WiFi off, slide the tab on the Status Bar from On to Off.
  • Similarly, if you are currently using the 3G connection and experiencing slowness, try enabling WiFi by following the directions above to see if there is any improvement

You can also try repairing the app (as directed above under (Kounta app is not fully loading or is showing a white screen)