Add a user to your organisation in Xero. Each user you add will receive an email inviting them in.

Invite a new user into your organisation

Go to Settings > General Settings > Users and click Invite a User to enter a new user's details.

Click 'Invite a User' to enter details for a new user.

Name & email address

Enter the name and email address of the user you want to add. The Xero invitation will be sent to the email address you enter.

Access to the accounts

Choose a role for the user. The role sets the level of access they have to your Xero organisation to view and enter information or make changes.

We recommend you give your accountant or bookkeeper the Adviser user role. This role lets them make sure your accounts are financially accurate.

User roles in Xero

Click Continue to save

Click Continue. The user will be saved and added with a 'Pending' status to your list of users and an email invitation (below) will be displayed for you to edit and send inviting the new user to log in.

The user will remain in a Pending status until you send the invitation - you can access their user details to make any changes and resend the invitation as required.

If you don't want to invite someone else from your organisation now, but want to invite Xero Support, just click Cancel to access the Invite Xero Support button.

Personalise your email invitation and send

Enter your own email message or use the default text. Click Send Invite when you're ready to send the email.

The invitation will be sent to the email address you entered on the previous screen. In addition to your message, the email will contain instructions for accepting the invitation, accessing Xero and logging in.

An invitation is valid for 14 days.

Invite email.

Pending users decline or accept invitation

The new user will have a status of 'Pending' until they accept or decline your invitation. You can still edit their details if you got anything wrong or need to resend their invitation.

Edit or delete a user

Pending user.

If a user you have invited declines the invitation, you will receive an email about it. The user’s status will change to 'Declined'.

If a user accepts the invitation, their status will change to 'Active'. If they change their email address when they accept the invitation, the address will update in Xero automatically.

We recommend you don't share login details

If you share login details, you won't be able to maintain a reliable audit trail of access and data changes. You'll also risk the login details falling into the wrong hands.

There is no extra charge for adding users to each organisation, so make sure every user has their own separate and secure login.

Manage multiple organisations

If you want to set up and manage many different organisations in Xero and have them all available in one list when you log in, take note of the following.

Invite users one organisation at a time

When you invite users to access your organisation, you only add them to that organisation. If you wanted one person to have access to all of your organisations, you would need to invite them from within each organisation.

Log in before adding a new organisation

Log in to Xero first before you add a new organisation. Add it in My Xero, to make sure you use the same email address you're currently logged in with.

One login can have many roles

You can have many different roles across many different companies - all accessible with the same login email address.

Image showing My Xero screen with Financial Adviser, Read Only and Managed Client access to different organisations.

Check the email address when you accept invitations

When you accept an email invitation to access another Xero organisation, check the email address you've been invited with. If it's not the one you use for logging in to Xero, make sure you switch to your usual email. Otherwise, you'll end up with two separate logins.