If you find that Kounta is frequently appearing in Offline mode, there may be some gremlins in your network.

This guide contains a series of checks you can perform to help determine the cause of this issue. We will break the checks down into 3 categories. 


Physical layer checklist

  • Ensure that all network cables being used are not damaged, the connectors should all be firmly attached

  • Ensure all devices that require power are connected and switched on, look for status lights where available.

  • Printer & Computer devices should only be plugged into the ethernet ports on the back of the modem/router, these are usually marked 1,2,3,4. Using ports marked as 'Internet' or 'WAN' will not work.

  • Your internet connection will usually be delivered via a Phone line or Coaxial cable. Check that these connections are attached correctly and that any carrier supplied splitters/filters are being used, an ADSL connection can be interrupted by phone calls if filters are not installed correctly.

  • If connectivity issues occur mostly after bad weather. Please contact your carrier in the event that this is the case.

Device level checklist

  • On the device running Kounta, check your WIFI settings to ensure you are connected to the correct WIFI network, often a device will switch to another 'known' network if its existing network goes down or out of range.

  • If your WIFI network is not visible, move closer to your modem/router and re-test. WIFI signal strength will vary depending on many physical factors, including router placement and wall materials.

  • Test the internet connection on your device by navigating to a website you do not often visit. If you are unable to load a regular website your internet/network may be having issues.

  • If possible, use a second device on the same network to help determine if your internet is down, If only certain devices are impacted, those may need further attention in the form of a reboot/reset.

Network level checklist

  • If possible, consider rebooting the modem/router to try re-establish the connection with your ISP and local devices.
    **note: this will take all devices offline temporarily, please check what other IT appliances may be impacted by doing this.

  • If you are operating on a PC/MAC, visit http://speedtest.net (Can be also downloaded from the Android/iTunes app store) and click 'begin test'. This will run a simple health check on your internet connection. The key stats to look for are your PING, UPLOAD speed and DOWNLOAD speed.
    - A high PING means that your connection will be operating slowly, Anything >greater than 300ms will result in less than optimal performance.
    - A Download/Upload speed of <2Mbps will have a similar impact. 

If the result of the above tests indicates the issue is your internet connection, please contact your service provider as soon as possible to ensure service is restored in a timely manner.