Kounta relies on a functioning Modem/Router for both internet connectivity and printing.

There may be a scenario where you need to replace your existing Modem/Router, this may be due to damage, switching to a new service type (ADSL to FIBRE/NBN) or switching to a new service provider.

When you change your modem/router, In most cases this will cause your printers to show as disconnected or unreachable.

The reason being is that usually different makes and models of modem are set up to operate on different IP address ranges.

Example: Your old modem may issue IP's on the 192.168.0.x range and the new one may issue IP's on the 10.0.0.x range.

All devices Kounta uses and talks too need to be on the same IP range as your modem(The first xxx.xxx.xxx of the IP need to match).

Next Steps

There are 3 options available to resolve this issue:

1) Change the IP range used by the new modem/router's DHCP client to match the previous settings, this is done via the configuration page of your Modem and is often documented on their support material, this setting is advanced and you may wish to contact your ISP to assist with this change.

2 a) While still using your old router, log in to each printer and update the IP address.

2 b) If your old router can no longer be used, factory reset your printers and configure them to use the new IP address range, this is a similar process to when you first setup Kounta and we have various guides depending on your model of printer to assist on our support centre. See Enable DHCP on Epson Printers

3) Contact a Kounta Networking Specialist Partner, these IT specialists can quickly get in touch and remotely re-configure your router/printers to get you up and running. Please contact support@kounta.com to arrange an introduction.