What it Does

Kounta Tipping offers a simple yet comprehensive solution to add a gratuity to a transaction, track customers tips and allow on screen signature for customers paying by credit card.

Enabling Tipping

  1. Tap Sites or mySite

  2. Select a Site (mySite, go to step 3)

  3. Tap on Add-Ons

  4. Select Tipping

  5. Tap on the + Symbol

  6. Tap Enable

Tipping Configuration

To access the Tipping Configuration, once you have enabled Kounta Tipping, the options will be on the page.

If you click on the Take me to the Registers button it will take you to the devices page.  To modify the tip settings for a specific register click on that device.  Once there, scroll down to the section that shows the following:



If you click on the drop down you get the following options:



Select which options you would like and click Save.


The Customer sign on screen provides an interface for customers who are paying by credit card to sign on your screen to authorize a payment amount and tip.


Prompt for Receipt is an easy way to prompt at the end of a transaction if the customer would like a printed receipt, email receipt or no receipt. If you enter a customer email address we even create a customer record in Kounta to drive future customer loyalty.

Click here to toggle on or off automatic customer email receipts or head to Sites > Site Information.

Add a Tip Line to Subtotals

To add a tip line to a subtotals and receipts, head to Sites or mySite, then select Site Information.


A Tip line will appear on subtotals and receipts, where a customer can add a gratuity prior to processing payment. This can be added as a tip to a transaction.

Applying a Tip to a Sale

Adding a Tip or Service Charge prior to payment.

  1. Create a new order or apply a note / customer to a sale.

  2. Select Receipt Options

  3. Tap on Tip/Service

  4. Select a predefined percentage or custom to enter in a custom percentage or amount.


Adding a Tip when processing payment.

  1. Select Check Out 

  2. Select the relevant Payment Type.

  3. Select a predefined percentage or custom to enter in a custom percentage or amount.

  4. Tap Next and process payment. The Tip amount will show along with Total.

Adding a Tip after processing payment.

  1. Tap on History


  2. Filter and Select a sale to apply a Tip to.

  3. Select Receipt Options

  4. Tap on Add Tip

  5. Select a predefined percentage or custom to enter in a custom percentage or amount.

  6. Select the Payment Type


Finalizing Takings with Tips

When finalizing takings with tipping enabled, Kounta will give you the option to withdraw Tips as Cash or the tips will be recorded under each payment type in the takings report. These can later be reviewed via the Reconciliation Report.

Learn how to Finalize Takings - End of Day Reconciliation

Withdraw Tips as Cash

If you have any credit card tips please process them prior to finalizing takings.

  1. Enter in counted payments totals and select Finalize Takings.


  2. A prompt will appear to withdraw Tips as Cash, select Yes.

  3. A confirmation will appear with the amount of cash to withdraw, select Continue.

The takings will be finalized and cash recorded will be reduced by the withdrawn amount.





 The Tips report is part of the Reconciliation report.  It will only display information after Takings have been finalized. 




Sections of the Tip Report:


  • Staff - This is the Staff Member who got the tip.
  • Sale Amount - This is the total amount of sales that the Staff Member sold.
  • Tips Amount - The amount of tips that the Staff Member is claiming
  • Taken as Cash - How much of the tips were taken out of the till as cash
  • Tips Owing - Are any tips still owed to this person?


Report Filtering: 



  • By Site - You can filter the report by Site if you have more than one site, or view them all
  • By Register - You can filter the report by a specific register 
  • By Staff - You can filter the report to look at a specific staff member
  • By Date - You can filter the report to look at a specific date range

You can use one or multiple filters together to get specific data that you are looking for.

The report can also be exported in a CSV format
Example report is attached below.