Selling in Kounta - Quick and Painless


To start selling first Go to POS

Select your User from the Users Page

Your default PIN is 1111

Alan wants to order a few beers.
To find these I select the Category from the left hand side, then select the appropriate product.

Once finished I can see all the products I have selected in the Receipt Panel on the right of the page.
Now we have added the items to Alan's order we can let him know the total and select how he is going to pay for it.

There is a few ways we can proceed.

Fast Cash - This will automatically finalise the sale, acting as though the customer has given you exactly the total in Cash without printing a receipt.
Check Out - This will show us a list of all the payment types we have marked with 'Quick Checkout' as well as a More Options for more advanced payment processing

Well done! You've now completed your first sale in Kounta! 

Hint: If a customer wants a receipt you can easily print one straight after you finish the order by pressing the COG ICON on the bottom right then REPRINT

Note: You can create new payment methods via Back Office > Company > Payment Types