Kounta has been designed from the ground up with scalability and flexibility in mind. By allowing users to easily add new Sites and Registers to their Kounta account.

A site in Kounta can be thought of as a new store, you can have a whole collection of information and settings specific to each site. Let's use Pete's cafe as an example.

"Pete has a cafe that is quite successful so he has been looking to open a second store. This second store is going to be in a busy strip of restaurant so will have a few more items that his take away style cafe.

Pete simply logs into Kounta and creates a new Site, he can now edit each of his sites. Reusing the products and staff profiles he already has, tweaking the prices of common items to match the type of service and adding new items only where he needs to.

Pete can now log into Kounta and see reporting for all of his sites together OR just look at each one individually"

  • Site Information such as Site Name, Address, Business Number and Contact Details
  • Printers and printing behaviour
  • Create a specific mix of products with their own Site specific pricing
  • Reporting is broken down by Sites 

In Kounta a Register is a profile that can be assigned to any device that can run Chrome or Safari. Most people choose to use iPads or Android tablets, but Kounta can just as easily be run on a PC or Mac.

A Register in Kounta is 'assigned' to one of your computers  - in this case let's use an iPad and an iPad Mini as an example. 

"Pete has a cafe and wants to have one register setup near his coffee machine where he will process most of the orders and will have his cash drawer.

Pete also has a few tables and wants to use an iPad Mini so his waiter's are more efficient providing table service.

He logs into Kounta on his main iPad and creates a new register called Main POS, he then clicks Go To POS - since he hasn't used Kounta on this iPad before it will ask him to select a 'register' to use. From the dropdown he will select Main POS - from now on Kounta will know that Pete's iPad is the Main POS

The next thing Pete does is log in to Kounta on his iPad Mini, he again creates a new register, but this one he calls Floor POS - again he clicks Go To POS but this time he will only see Floor POS since Main POS has already been assigned to his iPad."

Registers have a few settings that allow you to fine tune the way you use them.

  1. Each sale is linked to a Register so you can see where your sales come from
  2. You can change the default page you are taken to after logging in
  3. You can decide wether the Register will go back to the user login page or stay on the sale page
  4. Each register can be linked to a specific cash drawer and receipt printer