Kounta provides two simple to use features that allow you to add or remove any amount for any payment type from your daily takings.

This is then recorded against the Recorded amounts on your Finalised Takings to ensure that your Counted amounts will balance correctly.

This can be used to withdraw floats, do a cash clear on busy days or more commonly for Petty Cash purchases or to put your float in, add miscellaneous amounts.

Recording a Cash In / Cash Out

  1.  On the POS click Menu  

  2. Select Money In/Out

  3. Press Money In/Out and record a reason or note for why the money has been adjusted along with the specific amounts by payment type.

  4. Select either Save Money In to add the money or Save Money Out to remove the money.

This will increase or reduce what Kounta will expect you to have for those specific payment types as required.

Learn how to Finalise Your Takings - End of Day Reconciliation.