hat it Does

Managing your inventory in Kounta is really simple. Create, email and receive purchase orders from anywhere leveraging real-time inventory levels to ensure accurate and timely purchasing. Create variable stocktake lists to keep track of the high-value stock in your business. Leverage a powerful yet simple to use recipe builder to ensure you can automate stock consumption and get a timely cost of goods analysis on every item you sell.


Inventory is suitable for all businesses, no matter the size or location that want to be able to accurately track, monitor and report on stock levels. 

For Example:

  • Food Truck
  • Cafe
  • Market Store
  • Large restaurant 
  • Retail Outlets 



  • Keep track of stock
  • Make well-informed stock ordering decisions 
  • Understand the movement of stock in your business

Enabling Inventory

Like all other Kounta built add-ons, Inventory is free and needs to be enabled through the "Add-On" section of back office.

To enable follow theses steps

  1. Tap Sites

  2. Select a Site

  3. Choose Inventory

  4. Tap Enable

Once enabled 2 new tabs called Purchases and Stocktake will show on your Site Level horizontal menu

Creating a Purchase Order

Following the steps below you can create and email a Purchase Order, then receive it to increase your stock levels.

1. Press Sites and select the Site Name

2. Select Purchases

3. Select Create New Purchase

4. Start typing to find the Supplier you want to order from

(Add new suppliers as "Contacts" in the Contacts section of Back Office)

5. Enter the Delivery Date

6. Add the Items and Quantity of what you need

7. Save as a Draft once complete

8. After Saving as a Draft you will be able to Preview or Email the purchase order directly.

9. Once the Goods are delivered, reopen the Purchase Order, enter the Invoice Number and mark as Received  

Perform a Stocktake

Following these steps you can perform a stocktake, once submitted a stocktake will update your current stock levels to whatever you declare, if you do not declare a field there will be no change.

Learn more about performing stocktakes and inventory counts

Report on Stock Levels

If you want to review the current stock level for a given item at a give site follow the steps below.

 1. Go to Reports

2. Select Current Stock

3. Select the Site

4. It will automatically retrieve the current stock level once you select the Site