he Kounta Tables Add On gives you an easy to setup and use, visual layout for your orders.

Follow these steps to setup your Tables Add On

Enabling Tables

  1. Login to Kounta

  2. Go to Sites

  3. Select a Site

  4. Go to Add Ons

  5. Click Tables

  6. Click Enable


Accessing Tables

    1. Once enabled go to POS

    2. Click Tables on your POS 
      (if you were already on the POS press Menu > Sync)

 Creating and editing your table layout

Your first step in using Kounta Tables will be to create the table layout for your establishment.

To start creating your layout, click on Edit (with the cog wheel) to the left hand side of the page.


As can be seen in the image above, Kounta provides a range of customisable options from different floor settings, tables sizes, different chairs along with options for outlining where the walls and doors are positioned.

Our video below outlines this process in more detail.

Using the Kounta Tables add-on

Once you have created your tables layout, this will be available to select from all of your register devices. 

To begin using your tables, tap the 'Tables' button, this will now show you your tables layout.


Creating your order

Once you are in your table layout, you can then tap on a table and this will take you to your menu page where you can start creating the order for your table. Once you have added items to your table, you can then press the hand symbol to place the order on hold (this will also trigger production dockets to the kitchen)


Editing and managing your table order

Once an order has been created you can tap on the table and that will take you back to that same order, you can add new items (any new items added while print new productions dockets, but items that have had there production docket already printed will not generate a production docket)

A real handy feature is the ability to handle multiple orders to a table, this can be very helpful for busy cafe's that seat multiple guests to a table. You can get to this screen by selecting the Manage icon to the left hand side of the tables screen. 



As you can see in the screenshot above, after selecting the Manage icon, you can create additional orders on this table by tapping on the (+ Create another order on this table). Once you have created an additional order, you will be able to view each of your order simple by tapping on that table and tapping 'Go to Order' to open that order in the POS.

Colour Coded Tables Layout

The Kounta Tables add-on has four colours that the Tables will change to while they are in use, this is a great way to inform multiple staff on the current progress of a table.


Merging orders & Splitting orders on Tables

The Kounta tables add-on allows you both Merge table orders together, and split items inside a single table order.


Merging Table Orders

To merge a table order, you can do this in one of the ways:

- You can click the merge button in the Tables tab, and drag a table on top of another table. Once this has been done you will see that all of the orders will now appear under the table that you dragged on too.

- You can tap on the table that you want to merge from, tap merge and then tap on the table that you want to merge to, you will receive a prompt and confirm this to save the change.


Splitting Table Orders

To split order items on a table, you are able to do this from your tables layout page.

To do this:

- Tap Merge

- Tab on the table that has the order that you wish to split.

- On the next page, tap to select the order you wish to split and tap split.

- Now tap the order that you wish to split to another order and click save.

- You will now have two orders that can be checked out separately.


You can find more information on part payments to orders in the part payments guide located here: Part Payments (Split - Payments) Guide



Guest Tracking

The Kounta Tables add-on is able to be used with another Kounta add-on called Guest Tracking, you can enable this by doing the following:

Enabling Guest Tracking

  1. Login to Kounta

  2. Go to Sites

  3. Select a Site

  4. Go to Add Ons

  5. Click Guest Tracking

  6. Click Enable


Once you have enabled the add-on in Kounta Back Office, it will be available to be used once you have performed a sync on all of your Kounta register devices. 

Now that the Guest Tracking add-on has been enabled, you will see a prompt appear when you open a table (see: Image below). You can then select the amount of guests that are on each table, this will allow you to collect important information about how many guests are visiting in your store then see what their average spend is.


You will also have a report in Kounta Back Office, available in Reports > Guests that will allow you to run a filtered report over a period to view the guests data (Average Guest Spend, Busiest Guest Day, Quietest Guest Day & Number of Guests)

Some Important Notes:

- Sync the additional registers in your site once you update the tables layout.

- Note: All 'table' orders are also listed under the Orders section and will have a specific description like so [T~] where ~ is the description you entered. e.g. [T1] is Table 1.

This would need to be edited when a customer moves tables.