Each register device in Kounta can be configured with a slightly different workflow along with a different cash drawer and receipt printer.

They can also be configured with a collection of other settings to allow you to better customise the workflow in your store.

Register Workflows

Go to Back Office > Sites > Select a Site > Registers > Edit

Configure the Finalise Sales Option to be either
- Users Page: after finalising an order or putting an order on hold you will be logged out back to the Users Page, for a user to log in again.
- Sales Page keeps the same user logged in until they deliberately log out.

Configure the Sales Screen Default to be either
- On Hold Orders (Good for table service oriented businesses)
- Sales Page (Allows you to jump straight into selling items)
- Tables (Defaults to the tables layout). Learn more about the Tables Add On



  Automatic Receipt Printing

Receipts are often un-required so by default each Register has Automatic Receipt Printing set to DISABLED

You can easily flick this to ENABLED if you want the Receipt/Tax Invoice to print automatically when a sale is completed.

If you only occasionally need the receipt turn this to DISABLED and instead use the REPRINT option on the POS immediately after the sale by tapping the COG icon next to CHECKOUT and then tapping REPRINT