Finalising Takings at the end of day ensures that the payments recorded against each transaction are reconciled and balanced with each payment type received. Learn more about a typical Process for Starting and Ending a day.

Depending on your settings and what's happened during the day, your SALES may be different from the figures you see in a takings report. It's important to recognize that this process is to RECONCILE the movements of money in and out of your store, not to reflect SALES.

Taking Money Out and putting Money In are the two most common reasons there can be a difference between your SALES and your TAKINGS.

Your SALES reports reflect a date range, your TAKINGS include all payments, adjustments, refunds etc made since the last time you did you TAKINGS.


Setting the Takings Reconciliation Level

The takings reconciliation level outlines how you would like to record and count end of day takings. To set the takings reconciliation level, follow the steps below.

  1. Tap Sites or mySite

  2. Select a Site (mySite, go to step 3)

  3. Tap on Site Information

  4. Scroll down to Site Options and select the Takings Reconciliation level.

The takings reconciliation can either be set to By Register, By Site or By Staff. See below for definitions and examples of when to use each option.

By Register would be used if each register has it's own dedicated cash drawer. 
Learn more about using multiple registers with Kounta.

By Site would be used if there is only 1 register at the Site or if there are multiple registers but only 1 cash drawer. If you are using the Beat the Q add on, takings reconciliation needs to be set to By Site.

By Staff would be used if each staff member has a dedicated cash drawer / wallet. Takings would be recorded based on the staff member (User) each sale was assigned to when the sale was finalised.
Learn more about assigning Users to a sale.

Finalising Takings / End of Day Reconciliation

  1. Login with your user (ensure you have adequate Permissions to perform a Finalised Takings Report).

  2. On the POS click Menu


  3. Select Takings

  4. There may be some Open or Pending orders on your Orders Page. You can still finalise your Takings with open and pending orders but these would not be included in your Takings report. To Finalise your takings, select Yes. 

  5. Enter the counted amounts for each payment type, by selecting the payment type and entering the Counted amount. To review your recorded payments, select the Takings History tab. Note: Only users with View Current Takings Permission will be able to review recorded payments.

    Integrated payments such as Tyro and Integrated Credit Card will be reconciled automatically.

  6. Select Finalise Takings

Upon finalising Takings, if you have the Tipping Add-On enabled, you will also have the Option to Withdraw Tips as Cash. This will perform a cash out so that the tips are withdrawn from the cash balance. Learn how to finalise takings with Tips.

Takings History

When finalising takings, a new takings record will be created with a balance of $0. For current and past takings reports, you will be able to see three columns - Counted, Recorded and Variance. You can also print the report to an Integrated receipt printer by selecting the record you wish to print and selecting the print option on the bottom right.


If you have declared incorrect payment types for some transactions throughout the day your total variance will remain the same.

To adjust this, you will need to find the offending transaction, reverse it and re-enter with the correct payment type. The ability to adjust the payment type may come in the future.