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JT’s Cloud Business Hosted PBX



Information about the service

Create your entire phone system in minutes. Create voice menus and interactive phone applications quickly through the Hosted PBX control panel. JT’s Cloud is an industry leader so when you need help, we’re here and you can count on us.


Hosted PBX (or Virtual PBX) is designed to lower the cost of a phone system for your business whilst at the same time providing your business with previously unseen connectivity. Plug your extensions in anywhere in the world - you can expand your office to a different building, or your employees can work from home - or across the globe! It will work anywhere there's broadband.

Is the offer part of a bundle? No
Is the customer required to buy any goods as part of the offer?    Optional (See below)
Does the offer have any minimum term of use?

What Is Included:

This Business Hosted PBX plan includes great value call rates and also free JT’s Cloud to JT’s Cloud calls.


What Is Not Included:

Your plan does not include calls to 13/1300 numbers, Local/STD calls, mobiles, international calls and premium service numbers. Charges to these services will apply and are outlined below.   This plan does not include any handsets or other hardware or equipment.


SIP-Compatible VoIP Handset(s) Required

In order to use this service, you will need VoIP telephone handset(s) or software compatible with the SIP protocol.  JT’s Cloud recommends using this service with handsets purchased from the online shop at to ensure that you have a compatible and supported device.   Alternatively, you may provide your own SIP compatible VoIP equipment or software. 


Trial Period

Our service doesn’t provide a trial period; you will be billed from the first day of usage.


Charges for using this service

The minimum monthly charge for this plan is $54.95. The billing term for this plan begins as soon as the account is activated.  In addition to the minimum monthly charge, the following call rates apply:

 Call Rates

Internal Calls 
On-net Calls 
Local & National Calls 
$0.10 Untimed
Calls to 13 Numbers 
$0.28 Untimed
Calls to AU Mobile $0.15 per minute Billed per second (minimum charge $0.01)
Inbound to 1300
$0.10 per minute Billed per second (minimum charge $0.01)
Inbound to 1800  $0.15 per minute Billed per second (minimum charge $0.01)


Charges to International Numbers

You will be charged if you make calls to international numbers.  International call rates will vary from time to time based on a number of factors.   Please see our website for up-to-date international call rates.


* International Calls – To view International rates to overseas destinations see International Call Chargers


No Early Termination Charges Apply

Because JT’s Cloud VoIP services are month-to month there are no early termination charges. The total minimum amount that you will pay is $54.95


Other Information

Call Usage and Spend Management

JT’s Cloud have spend management tools which are designed to assist you in managing your spend. You can check your monthly usage in your My Account Portal.


The My Account portal can be found at: 


Customer Service Contact Details:

Phone: 1300 366 165



Dispute Resolution Process

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your customer service request and wish to take the matter further, a complaint should be made in writing. For more information see our complaints handling policy.


Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint following the Complaints Handling Policy, you may contact the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) for independent mediation.


The TIO can be found at or by calling 1800 062 058.