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Information about the service

JT's Cloud’s nbn™ broadband service uses NBNCo infrastructure (eg. fibre to the premises, HFC, fibre to the curb or fibre to the node) to deliver broadband to your premises. This service provides typical evening download speeds of 20 Mbps for fixed-line services.

The service to be provided by NBNCo infrastructure to deliver broadband to your premises.

Is the offer part of a bundle? No
Is the customer required to buy any goods as part of the offer?    Optional (See below)
Does the offer have any minimum term of use?1 month

What Is Included:

An unlimited, no excess usage NBN™ plan.


What Is Not Included:

This plan does not include any hardware or equipment.

Service Availability

This service is available anywhere where NBN™ has been rolled out

Service Requirements

  • You will also need an NBN™-ready modem/router.
  • Where applicable, NBNCo will need to install equipment on the outside and inside (near a PowerPoint) of your premises. A person over 18 will need to be at home for this appointment.
  • FTTC customers only will also need an NBN™ network connection device provided free of charge by NBNCo.

Notice For FTTN and FTTC Customers:

  • Your copper phone line will be taken over by the connection. This means that you need to transfer to an IP phone service (internet-based phone) or you will lose your current landline phone connection.
  • You will more than likely find that all the phone sockets within your premises are disabled.

Trial Period

Our service doesn’t provide a trial period; you will be billed from the first day of usage.

Suspension Or Cancellation Of Service

Please note that this service may be suspended and/or cancelled if:

  1. You fail to pay your bill
  2. You are abusive to our staff
  3. You breach our terms and conditions or our fair use policy. 


Charges for using this service

The minimum monthly charge for this plan is $69.00. The billing term for this plan begins as soon as the account is activated.

Data amount (downloads and uploads)unlimited
Average peak hour download speed (mbps)20
Monthly charge$69.00
Total minimum price$69.00
The unit cost of 1GB of dataN/A
Setup fee$0.00
Paper billing fee


NBN™ New Development Fee

The NBNCo may charge a $300 new development fee for the cost of deploying network infrastructure to new premises or dwellings. This fee may be applied to each new premises requiring a nbn™ connection. This includes, but is not limited to, new dwellings, lots under reconstruction, and new buildings requiring a new mailing address. We will inform you upon signup if this fee may apply. 

No Early Termination Charges Apply

Because JT’s Cloud NBN™  services are month-to-month there are no early termination charges. The total minimum amount that you will pay is $69.00.

Exit Fee(s)

We do not charge an exit fee for this service.

Excess Usage

As this is an unlimited plan, there are no excess usage charges.

Other possible costs

You can change your plan at any time for no fee. If upgrading your plan before the end of your monthly billing cycle, you will need to pay the difference between your current plan and new plan. If you wish to downgrade your plan, we do not prorata refunds on plan downgrades. 


Other Information

Usage and Spend Management

JT’s Cloud has spend management tools which are designed to assist you in managing your spend. You can check your monthly usage in your MyAccount Portal.


The My Account portal can be found at: 


Customer Service Contact Details:

Phone: 1300 366 165


Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm Canberra time.

Dispute Resolution Process

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your customer service request and wish to take the matter further, a complaint should be made in writing. For more information see our complaints handling policy.


Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint following the Complaints Handling Policy, you may contact the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) for independent mediation.


The TIO can be found at or by calling 1800 062 058.