The JT's C Cloud Softphone app runs on your mobile phone, replicating almost all the features of a physical handset.You can install Cloud Softphone, if you haven't already, by referring to JT's Cloud Cloud Softphone.

This guide will cover the most used features of Cloud Softphone

Making Calls

To place a call, select the Dialpad icon from the menu bar, enter the phone number you wish to dial, then press the Dial icon.

Mute and Hold

You can mute your microphone while in a call, by pressing the Mute button. To unmute, press the button again.

To place a call on hold, press the Hold button. To resume the call, press this again.

Transferring Calls

While you're in an active call, you can transfer the other party to another PBX extension or external number.

To do so, press either the Transfer or Att Transfer button.

  • Transfer: Conducts a blind transfer, that will send the call directly to the destination party
  • Att Transfer: Conducts a warm transfer, connecting you to the destination party to introduce the call before putting the caller through

Initiating a transfer will automatically put the original caller on hold and display the dial pad. Enter the number of the destination party, then press the Transfer button or the Dial icon, depending on your transfer type.

If you're performing an attended transfer, you will connect to the target party and can either press Transfer to pass the call to them, or Cancel to return to the original caller.

Conferencing A Call

To initiate a conference, while you're on a call, press Add Call. Enter the phone number of the person you wish to conference in, then press Dial.

Once connected, press the Join button to add the third party into your call.

Monitoring Other Extensions

You can use Cloud Softphone to see whether other extensions on your PBX are available, on a call, or currently ringing. To do so, select the star icon from the menu bar

Click the Menu option, then choose Edit to enter edit mode and click the + button to add a new extension

Enter a name for the extension, then provide the full extension number, including the prefix. This can be retrieved from the My Account Portal, by selecting PBX Extensions, then clicking Edit on an extension. If the target phone is already registered, you can find this in the Status field, as below:

If the target phone is not currently registered, you can retrieve this from the Register Username field.

Enable the Busy Lamp Field option, then click the tick to save (Android), or press the save button (iPhone).

Any extensions you're monitoring will now show their on-call status, from either Off Call, On Call, or Ringing.

To remove an extension from being monitored, re-enter Edit mode, then click the X corresponding to their extension.