Connecting Via Wi-Fi

Please ensure the following before you begin

  • A healthy Wi-Fi connection is present
  • The unit has power (via Outlet or Power over Ethernet)
  • You have your Wi-Fi password ready

1. From your phone home screen navigate to menu.

2. When in the main menu use the arrow keys to scroll down and select settings using the OK key.

3. Select basc settings and navigate down to Wi-Fi (option 8)

4. Switch Wi-Fi to ON and navigate down to option 5 (the system should display how many available networks there are) and press OK.

5. Select your Wi-Fi Network in the list an proceed to type your network password in. Pressing the button in the green square cycles through character types.

6. The phone may download a configuration update, let that complete. Once that is done, the phone will take you back to the main screen. If you have the little Wi-Fi icon at the top of the display you have successfully connected your phone system to your Wi-Fi network.

Connecting Via Ethernet

Please ensure the following before you begin

  • The device has power (via outlet or Power over Ethernet)
  • You have an Ethernet connection to the location of the unit

1. Plug the Ethernet cable into the port on the back of the unit labelled Internet.

2. If you had not previously powered u the unit with a Yealink Power adapter, if your Modem / Router supports PoE, the Ethernet cable will power and turn on the unit.

3. The unit will give you a welcome screen if powering on. Also, a configuration update may begin. let the phone complete the config update.

4. Your Phone should now be connected to the Internet via Ethernet.