A conference is a virtual meeting room, allowing multiple people, both internal and external, to join a call. This is commonly used for staff meetings, or for discussions with multiple stakeholders.

Conferences are setup and managed through the My Account Portal, https://my.maxo.com.au/ by selecting Other Services then Conferencing.

The number of conferences currently used, along with the maximum number of unused conferences allowed within the current plan is displayed in the circle.

Creating a Conference

Before you can use conferencing, you need to create a meeting room by clicking the Add Conference button.

As a minimum, you'll need to specify the conference's name, and take note of the user PIN.

For details on the options presented, jump down to Conference Options below.

Editing an Existing Conference

Any previously created conferences will show under the configured conferences list, with an overview of the conference configuration. To change any of these details, click the Edit button for your target conference.

For details on the options presented, jump down to Conference Options below.

To delete a conference, locate the target conference room and click the  icon.

Conference Options

When creating or editing a conference, you're presented with the following options, which are detail below: