The PBX Statistics section provides information on calls received on your Hosted PBX system, enabling at-a-glance review of your caller and agent activity.

Search Options

To generate your statistics, you first need to set your filters. Begin by specifying the date range you'd like to see statistics for using the Start Date and End Date fields. If you're targeting a specific call queue, use the Call Queue field to set your target, or if you're targeting a specific DID (phone number), use the DID field to filter only to the specified phone number. To see all queues and DIDs, set these to any.

Once your desired filters are set, click Generate Report.

Agent Call Distribution

The agent call distribution shows the total number of calls taken per agent within your specified filters.

Each agent is displayed on their own row, displaying the following information:

The additional row for Abandoned shows any calls that weren't picked up by an agent before the caller hung up.

Queue Breakdown

Each of the call queues available in your filter are shown in their own section, with statistics for that specific queue.

The first table lists your call breakdown by DID - this is the number your caller dialled to reach the queue. Each DID is displayed on its own row, with the following information:

The second table lists the queue's call breakdown per agent. Each agent is displayed on their own row, with the following information: